Arizona Pastel Sapphire Pink Amethyst Drops Necklace

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Soft pink amethyst droplets paired back to the rarest pastel sapphire beads. All hand made in New York in 14 karat gold.

  • Pastel Sapphire
  • Pink Amethyst
  • 14 Karat Gold
  • 16 to 17 inches
  • Handmade in NYC


About the stone
This particular jewelry piece is made with pastel sapphires which are the rarest of them all in this kind of depth of color.  

Healing Properties
Sapphires are crystals of restoration and balance.  The different colors in rainbow sapphires are associated with healing the entire chakra system.  Wearing sapphire may help you to tap into your own sources of inspiration and hear the voices of your muses unlocking the areas of need.  Red is our Root Chakra symbolizing basic trust and grounding within our basic needs.  Orange is our Sacral Chakra symbolizing sexuality and our creative center.  Yellow is our Solar Plexus Chakra symbolizing our wisdom and power within.  Green is our Heart Chakra symbolizing love, healing, and our truth. Blue is our Throat Chakra symbolizing our line of communication.  Indigo is our Third Eye Chakra symbolizing awareness, instinct, and telepathy.  Purple is our Crown Chakra symbolizing our connection to spiritual enlightenment within the interconnected universe around us.  

Brazilian amethyst crystal has a soft and feminine quality. This stone has been used through ancient times to carve jewelry and vessels
Above, a collection of raw amethyst crystals ethically sourced from Brazil for JIA JIA jewelry pieces
Above, a collection of raw amethyst crystals ethically sourced from Brazil for JIA JIA jewelry pieces
Healing Properties
Amethyst is believed to hone and amplify one's creative elements and assist in creating new and original results using methods and tools of the past. This vibrant and gentle purple crystal enhances our ability to balance and soothe our inner emotions. It shows us how in grounding our sensitivities, we can use them as allies in creation. This crystal connects us to the spiritual world opening up a portal of answers we may be seeking.
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