JiaJia is a fine jewelry & crystal specimen brand created for all the lovers of our planet. A brand rooted from our earth that believes in the collective power of union, beauty, love, and truth.  The brand is an expression of the collective spirit that is present each second and all around us.
Our jewelry is created with natural minerals from our earth. The design process begins with hand-selected crystals, which are uncut and untreated, and each piece is custom set with gold, diamonds, and semiprecious hand carved stones.  All creations are one-of-a-kind and handmade in New York City. 
Our crystal specimens are sourced globally with intention, care, and education of where they come from.  The mineral curation process begins intuitively where we make an energetic connection with a crystal.  The selection is tuned in further as we study each specimen for their own unique beauty and characteristics.  Each crystal goes through an ancient purification process to reset and detox unwanted energies that may have been picked up over time.  
We believe crystals serve as a vessel of energy ready to come through to support the intentions of the beholder.   Our crystals and precious stones are in their purest form with natural clarity, shapes, and terminations. With these unique properties, each crystal has its own scientific and metaphysical meaning. 
Jia-Jia Zhu received a message to work with crystals during a meditation in Bali. Her fascination with crystals and stones started as a child, where she would collect from the beaches in California. Her role as a buyer for jewelry at Bergdorf Goodman allowed her to dive deeply into the world of gems and learn how to build a jewelry business from the ground up.

Growing up between Shanghai and California, Jia-Jia is influenced by the culture of city life and the offerings from nature. Her passion for art and commerce brought her to New York City to study Art History & Economics at New York University and to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

After an incredible fourteen years in the fashion industry holding merchant roles within Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Gucci Group, she left in 2017 as buyer of Women’s Wear and Jewelry at Bergdorf Goodman after building businesses across 70 brands in order to live and learn in Bali. She spent this important time diving into her own spirit and becoming a student of Yoga, Meditation, and Reiki. Jia-Jia descends from eight centuries of Chinese Medicine Herbalists and Healers, who blended Earth’s plants to make medicine and healed communities around them. The creation of this brand is a continuation of her lineage, in order to serve the greater collective through the beauty and medicine our earth provides.