Quartz Geode

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Two Sided Quartz Geodes  that crack open like a magical egg.  It has glistening crystals inside that are believed to facilitate open communication and a smooth flow of energy. Place yours near the window and watch as it catches the light.

About the stone

Our Crystal Quartz are ethically sourced from our mines from Arkansas, United States. Considered earth’s crystal vortex it is a powerful intersection of natural electromagnetic energy. Our mines have been documented to house the most flawless and energetically vibrational rock crystals ever discovered. Dating back 300 million years, the crystals are infused with ancient vibrational information as its been in the earth to the moment it reaches the wearer. Each crystal is one of a kind, unpolished, uncut, with natural clarity and shapes.

Healing Properties

Crystal Quartz is the master healer of all crystals that resonates at the level of the beholder's needs. It works to amplify, manifest, and empower the individual at their finest expression. Its healing properties supports expansion of consciousness to eliminate energy blockages and facilitate open communication allowing energy to flow smoothly throughout our body.

Size (all approximate due to one of a kind nature)

Large Quartz Geode

Length: 14 inches

Width: 10 inches


Small Crystal Quartz Cluster:

Length: 4 inches

Width: 3 inches

Heigh: 4 inches


Medium Crystal Quartz Cluster:

Length: 5 inches

Width: 3 inches

Heigh: 2 inches


Small Crystal Quartz Cluster:

Length: 3 inches

Width: 2 inches

Heigh: 2 inches

Jewelry Care
Beaded Jewelry

Each beaded jewelry piece is hand strung from the highest quality materials that are cut from natural mineral sources. They are sensitive to prolonged exposure to hairsprays and scents. To ensure longevity please be gentle and avoid tugging and pulling of these pieces.

14 Karat and 18 Karat Gold

We recommend using gold cleaning liquid at home to keep your pieces in their original condition. Where possible, it is best to have your pieces professionally cleaned by your local jeweler. 

Diamond Pavé

Clean your pavé pieces with warm water, a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth.


Clean your pearl pieces with a soft, dry cloth.